Share your bot using Dialogflow Viewer

Share your bot using Dialogflow Viewer

Pricing: Free

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The Dialogflow Viewer allows you to easily share your Dialogflow agent in a simple Markdown format. This makes it easy for you to provide relevant details about your bot and ask questions on forums such as StackOverflow and Discourse. It is especially handy if the forum text editor natively supports Markdown (which is true in the case of both StackOverflow and Discourse).

Using the tool is straight-forward.
1 Download the agent ZIP file from your Dialogflow agent to your local computer.

2 Log in to BotFlo app and go to the Viewer tool

3 Select your bot's language (currently only one language per bot is supported)

4 Click on Upload Dialogflow agent ZIP file button

5 Once you select the agent ZIP file you downloaded, the Viewer tool will display the contents inside the textarea. This is in Markdown format. You can simply select the contents using SELECT + ALL (Ctrl +A) and paste it into the forum's textbox.

6 You can also preview the output of the Markdown by clicking on the eye icon.

This is what the output looks like inside the Viewer tool:

Unfortunately, it will not render 100% the same on website forums as what you see in this preview. Each forum uses its own plugin or library to render Markdown to HTML output.

7 You can also edit the Markdown and preview the output in real time by clicking on the panes icon.

This is what the side-by-side view looks like:

8 The preview panes automatically turn the tool into Fullscreen mode. To get back to the original view, click on the Fullscreen icon.

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