Generate custom payload for Dialogflow Messenger List

Generate custom payload for Dialogflow Messenger List

Pricing: BotFlo Starter, BotFlo Plus, BotFlo Pro

You need to be logged in to BotFlo to be able to use this feature.

1 Select Payload Generator > List Response from the menu

2 Choose your bot's language. This will be required to send an Event corresponding to clicking of the list item. 

3 Place your cursor inside the Title text and make your updates to change the title of the list item

4 Similarly, place the cursor inside the list item subtitle and add the text corresponding to the subtitle. 

5 Add the name of the Event. Note: this field is mandatory if you want the list item to be clickable.

6 Remember to click on the Include checkbox at the top of each list item. This tells the tool that you want to include it in the custom payload. 

7 Multiple List Items
To specify multiple list items, remember to check the Include checkbox for all of them.

Here you can see that I have Included the first and third list items. 

This is the custom payload JSON corresponding to the list items selected:

8 Click on the Preview button to see what the custom payload looks like in Dialogflow Messenger

9 Now click on the Copy JSON to Clipboard button to copy the JSON payload and paste it into Dialogflow Messenger