Free trial

Free trial

You can get a free trial by logging in to BotFlo and filling out a short survey inside the CX Bot.

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      The following tools are free: Automatically extract intents from chat logs Convert WordPress CSV Export to Dialogflow agent ZIP file Convert Mindomo flowchart .txt file to Dialogflow Messenger agent ZIP file Viewer Candidate Explorer Convert CSV to ...
    • How to find the differences between two agent ZIP file versions

      Pricing: Free Link to tool The VersionDiff tool helps you find the differences between two different agent ZIP file versions.
    • Automatically generate Dialogflow quiz bot for Zoho SalesIQ

      Pricing: Free Link to tool Using the BotFlo app, you can convert a CSV file specified in the expected format into a Dialogflow quiz bot (which can be used inside the Zoho SalesIQ live chat integration). In this article, I explain how you can do it. ...
    • Convert Mindomo flowchart to Dialogflow Messenger agent ZIP file

      Pricing: This is a free tool Link to tool Before you can use this tool, you should first understand the basic ideas behind converting a Mindomo flowchart into a Dialogflow ES chatbot. The converter tool does not support entities at the moment. It is ...
    • How to get an access token to use within the BotFlo app

      A few of the tools inside BotFlo require that you type in an access token. For example, this is what the candidate explorer tools looks like as of Aug 2021: There are 3 ways you can get this access token. 1 Use Google OAuth2 Playground You can also ...